How to change the look of your shoes with shoelaces part 3

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How to change the look of your shoes with shoelaces part 3

Sooner or later, we all feel like it is time to mix up our shoe game and usually, that means investing in a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, quality shoes are quite expensive but you notice that the cost per wear is less expensive for a quality pair, which is why you should invest in quality if you can. If you do not have enough money to invest in another pair of shoes, the easiest way to change the look and appearance of your shoe and your entire outfit is by switching out the shoelaces.

How to choose shoelaces, number 4:

Most people wear white shirts, you could think about getting a white or off-white pair of shoelaces on a black shoe. That is a very stark contrast, and if you go for a very black and white outfit that may work, otherwise it is a little over the top.

How to choose shoelaces, number 5:

When it comes to evening wear, black shoes are a must-have. However, you should not to go with different colored shoelaces, go with distinct evening shoelaces. Back in the day, men matched the shoelaces they had to their bow ties and the materials, and it is actually quite dapper, and you can even go with a wider band because the bow tie is wider and so if the bow on your shoe is wider, it just is very unique. Let’s say you have a black satin bow tie, go with satin shoelaces. If you have a velvet bow tie, go with velvet shoelaces, or grosgrain on grosgrain.

Brown shoelaces, number 1:

The advantage of brown is that it comes in thousands of different shades, so no brown is exactly like another. For shoelaces, that means it is even easier to combine and even gives you a greater option to create different outfits.