10 Tips to reclaim your life part 4

How to start your life over

10 Tips to reclaim your life part 4

Life tip NINE: Have a bedtime

So this next tip to stop wasting time online, I absolutely love, it makes me smile and that is every man should have a bedtime. Yes, I am serious. I think that every man should have a set time that he starts to go into his evening routine and just make it so that electronics so that going online is not part of that routine. For me, I love it when my wife goes in because I get to sneak away and go read my books. And I have got all these fantasy books, science fiction, I absolutely love and relish this time that I am just able to sit there and read. And, guys, you want to have something in your routine that you look forward to and it is so much better than going online and having something force-fed you or just mindlessly surfing the web. No! My phones are kept downstairs in the kitchen and I enjoy my evening routine.

Life tip TEN: Delete apps

So the next and the final tip to stop wasting time online is to purge your phone, purge your electronic devices of apps you do not need, apps you do not use, apps that could suck you into a place that you do not want to go. If the app is sitting there, guys, it is just a temptation to fall into it and to wonder oh, what is going on on Facebook? I have got nothing else going on. Delete all those apps when it is work time. When you want to sleep go to sleep, leave your phone away so that it doesn't distract you. Read a book, expand your mind, because, for a real style, you are going to have to be well educated.