How to change the look of your shoes with shoelaces part 2

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                             How to change the look of your shoes with shoelaces part 2

How to choose shoelaces, number 1:
You want to match the color of your shoelaces to a different color in your outfit and that way, you pick up that color, and the entire look is more harmonious. It looks like it is well put together. For example, you can match the shoelace color to something in your socks, if you wear colored socks. You can also combine it with a color in your pocket square, or your tie, and your bow tie, maybe your cufflinks. Make sure to just pick a color that really works well with the shoelaces. It does not have to be a hundred percent exact match, but it should be in the same realm.

How to choose shoelaces, number 2:

Let’s say you have a black pair of shoes. If you have the black round shoelaces, upgrade to flat black ones and it is still very office appropriate and very formal. If you want to change it up a little bit and let’s say your shirt has a blue stripe, you can add a blue pair of shoelaces which really looks entirely different. A blue shoelace is very easy to combine because blue is very dominant in men’s wear.

How to choose shoelaces, number 3:

Black with a gray pair of shoelaces looks very dapper because it is just a slight contrast but it is different enough to notice the shoelace and your lacing system and to provide a different look without being overly loud. If you like little louder, go with a red pair of shoelaces because black and red have historically been a good combination. Also if you want you can get a wallet in black and red or a business card holder in red and black.