10 Tips to reclaim your life part 2

How to start your life over

10 Tips to reclaim your life part 2

Life tip FOUR: Work less

Reduce the number of hours that you are working every single day. And I know not everyone can do this, but if you work for yourself, if you are an entrepreneur or you have a job that is remote, think about how to condense that time. If you give yourself fourteen hours a day to work, well, guess what, you are probably not a hundred percent productive all fourteen hours, maybe like six hours, so why not work only those six hours and get done what needs to get done. Well, me first, I am not perfect when it comes to this, I have wasted a lot of time online and I hated it whenever I was worried about my online security. I am traveling around the world, I have got to be able to access PayPal from airports. I am in a country that it is just not very secure and in my opinion and I have got to be able to access my bank accounts, my emails, and I was spending a lot of time trying to figure this out, but guys you have to be safe when you are traveling. So if you are considering going on a trip with the family, take a rest of work, bring a cash and don't care about online stuff.

Life tip FIVE: Turn off notifications

The next tip for avoiding online time wasters is to turn off the notifications, in fact, you should turn off your phone. Yes, I know that sounds extreme, but simply, turn it off when you don't need it when you are not expecting calls. Guys, most emergencies, believe it or not, they are not going to happen when you have got your phone turned off.