Dry cleaning guide part 5

Make Your Suits Stay in High Standard!

Dry cleaning guide part 5

How often you should use dry cleaning:

In essence, as little as possible and just only when absolutely needed because dry cleaning deteriorates the fibers and the longevity of your garment.

What you can do to avoid repeated trips to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning process:

Go with washable undergarments that protect the outer layers such as a shirt or your suit. Whenever you have been out and you have worn your suit all day, do not wear it the next day, let it rest for 2 days, hang it on a hanger, either steam it in a bathroom or with a garment steamer and then let it just hang outside. Avoid spraying cologne directly onto your garments, because they leave residues and you will have to bring it to the dry cleaner more often. Also, skip all kinds of fabric fresheners. They may work temporarily but they leave that residue and sometimes it feels and touched differently so skip those. Also try to spot clean at home and the sooner you do that after a stain occurred, or the sooner you bring it to the dry cleaner, the better it is. If you let the stain sit over time, chances are, it is more difficult to get rid of the stain and sometimes they will stay forever. Spot cleaning, brushing, steaming and airing out your garments should always be the first line of defense against dry cleaning.

Look for a great dry cleaner that does good dry cleaning:

First of all, you want someone who offers hand ironing services because if they do not offer that, it is too low of a quality and you should stay clear from that. Second, if you can find someone who offers museum quality dry cleaning, that means they have the capabilities to really use items that would go to the museum.