10 Tips to reclaim your life part 1

How to start your life over

10 Tips to reclaim your life part 1

So, a friend of mine hired a woman to sit next to him and slap him if he got on Facebook or other distracting websites. I think it is a bit extreme, but I think we can all agree that we are wasting too much time online. So how to fix this problem?

Life tip ONE: Lose the charger

Get rid of your power cord, both for your computer and for your phone. What am I talking about? Setting up an artificial time limit so that you stop wasting time and you focus on what is important because the clock is ticking. That sounds too extreme? Okay, just simply grab a kitchen timer, a couple of bucks there. We are talking about the Pomodoro Technique where you actually set a timer and then you have got to get it done in twenty minutes, you have to get it done in thirty minutes, your gaming system so you are focused on what needs to be done and you avoid distractions.

Life tip TWO: Go old school

Paper, pen. A lot of your work can still be done like this. You have got to share it with people electronically after you are done, simply take a picture and send it out to people.

Life tip THREE: Don't co-mingle

You want to have work devices, you want to have personal devices. But here is the deal, if you have got a phone and it has both, personal and work on it, guess what, you are never going to stop working and during your work time you are going to start with the time wasters. You are going to have fun, you are going to get into your personal things. Never mix work and fun.