Dry cleaning guide part 4

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Dry cleaning guide part 4

Tips for dry cleaning, what clothes you should bring to a dry cleaner and what you should not dry clean, number 4:

Another item people love to bring to the dry cleaner is a tie. Unfortunately, most ties are made of silk and silk is not colorfast. You cannot wash it with dish soap and water because chances are the color will come out and it will ruin your tie. At the same time, if you bring it to a dry cleaner, chances are they will press it and the tie looks really bad afterward. The proper way to clean a tie is to actually undo the seam in the back, then clean it and then sew it back together. That is quite expensive and it is something that would only be done back in the 1920s when you had house staff. Today, there is no single dry cleaner that offers that kind of service but generally, when you have to bring your tie to the dry cleaner chances are, it will not come out nice, it will look weird and it will not tie as well so usually, it is ready for the garbage bin, so be careful with your ties because dry cleaning them usually ruins them.

Ask if your dry cleaner uses a stiffening product and if they can skip them for your garments in the dry cleaning process:

Most dry cleaners use a stiffening product on the garments before they dry clean it or while they dry clean it simply because it helps to press them, however, I personally do not like it on very soft shoulder garments so always ask if your dry cleaner uses them and if they can skip them for your garments. It pays to develop a relationship with your dry-cleaner because if they know you on a first basis and you tip them well, chances are, they are much more accommodating to your requests.