Dry cleaning guide part 2

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Dry cleaning guide part 2

Here are some tips about dry cleaning, when to utilize, when not to go to the dry cleaner, and what to look for in a quality dry cleaner, so you can protect your clothes.

Why you actually need dry cleaning:

Clothes brushes are good and they work really well, but when you have a stain like ketchup or grease, a simple brush will not clean it and even water with a little bit of dish soap, will not get rid of the stain. That is the time to have your clothes dry-cleaned. Sometimes, you also have very delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, or cashmere, and hot water with detergent would destroy your garment and that is when you need dry cleaning as well. Dry cleaning can actually be very controversial because of the chemicals used in the process. Most dry cleaners have to abide by laws and it is safe to drop off your clothes without having concerns about the environment.

Tips for dry cleaning, what clothes you should bring to a dry cleaner and what you should not dry clean, number 1:

First of all, if the label says dry clean only, that is a safe way to assume that it should go to the dry cleaner. You can also try to clean some clothes yourself at home. Maybe start on a part that is not visible and rub some water and detergent on it to see if it colors fast. Chances are it is not and you are better off just handing it over. Unfortunately, manufacturers are only required to provide one way to clean the garment. Another item that is really great for dry cleaners are suits, jackets, and vests. Most suits are made out of wool or wool blends and you never want to put them in your washing machine, they have to be dry cleaned.