Attractive Things in Men’s Style

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Attractive Things in Men’s Style

Like it is said that first impression is always the last impression. No matter what you are wearing, people will notice you and your grooming habits especially women. This includes your hair, beard, body odor and overall appearance. It is essential that men should keep their style on point by following the below mentioned tips and tricks:




Women definitely notice shoes in a men’s style. So make sure that you wear quality footwear and do not ignore the importance of good and classy footwear. Ensure that you are wearing appropriate shoes as per the occasion. You will look absolutely clueless if you wear your gym shoes on a date.


White Tee and Blue Jeans:

This has always been a bomb combination. It is comfortable, affordable and any man can pull off this look like a pro. Make sure that the tee-shirt fits you properly as per your physique- too loose or too tight will make you look unflattering. For jeans, opt slim or tapered cut so it complements your body type.


A Proper Fitting Suit:

If it’s your job requirement, you might have to wear suit every day. Women do notice when you dress up properly. If the suit doesn’t fit you properly then you aren’t doing justice with your attire. Your jacket should fit from your shoulders and sleeves must end just before your wrists. Moreover, your pants should be hemmed to the proper length.


Rolled Up Sleeves:

Showing a bit of forearm doesn’t do any harm. It looks casual, cool and give vibes to women. Make sure to give this look if you are heading out with friends for a drink after work.



Chinos are versatile and can rock your both formal and informal looks. You can easily plug them into your everyday wardrobe. They look much better than khakis and jeans. If your chinos are too big or shapeless they will ruin your entire look so choose a modern and tapered cut. Cuff the hem and show a little bit of your socks to look totally on point.

V-Neck Sweaters:

V-Neck sweater always give a balanced look and the safest bet for most occasions. Moreover, it is the most stylish look in the winter season. We suggest gray, navy and olive green colors for the V-necks.



Make sure you choose stylish accessories to elevate your style. Don’t take them as an afterthought. Be it a watch or cuff links, they should look good no matter what.  Too much statement pieces and flashy jewelry can ruin the overall look and will harm your wardrobe instead of slaying it.


The accessories include watches, rings, bracelets, tie bars, colorful laces, scarves, pocket squares, and lapel pins- but make sure not to wear more than two or three accessories.