Dry cleaning guide part 1

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Dry cleaning guide part 1

What is dry cleaning:

Basically, it is the process of cleaning without using water and detergent. Despite its name, dry cleaning is actually not dry, it just substitutes the detergent and water with solvents. Garments are put in a solvent then spun, or steamed to get rid of it, and that is the end of the dry cleaning process. Dry cleaning has been around for almost 2 centuries. If you take a look at the process of a dry-cleaning operation, it looks remarkably similar to a regular washer and a dryer, just supersized.

Tips for dry cleaning, a dry store or an actual dry cleaner:

Whenever you see a dry cleaner in your neighborhood, chances are one of two things. First, they are a dry store, and second, they are an actual dry cleaner. A dry store is a place where you drop off your shirts or suits and they take them and put them into a larger facility where everything is washed and dry-cleaned. On the other side, a package plant dry cleaner is someone who actually cleans on the premises which means you have a higher level of control because everything happens right there. The dry cleaning stores are oftentimes just middlemen so you actually do not know what is happening to your clothes and to your things. Most of the time, a dry store is less expensive but if you have a high-end shirt that is expensive, you do not want to save money on the dry cleaning because it may ruin your shirt because they iron it wrong. They tumble that shirt in a way that the colors fray easily and seams come undone. Whenever possible, try to find a dry cleaning package plant that cleans in the premises, so you can see the whole process.