Helpful tips on finding the perfect suit for your body type

You Need to Check the Following Suits if You’re a Big Man.

No-one’s body type is the same, and everyone has their own struggles when it comes to finding the perfect suit. A suit should be well fitted but also flattering, but this can be impossible to find. These helpful tips should make finding your perfect suit easier and less stressful. 

  • The perfect Suit for the Tall Body type

If you're tall then opting for a three-button jacket will work better in your favor. A three-buttoned suit will work with your frame and is an appropriate look for your height. If you're tall, it's likely that you will have long legs, so you will want to choose pants that don’t elongate your legs. The best type of pants to wear would be a regular rise fit. These will stop you from seeming any taller than you already are and will look more flattering than other pant types. 
Lighter colors for your suit will work to your advantage. This is because light colors also make things look bulkier. Colors like grey work very well on tall men. 

  • The perfect Suit for the Short Body type

If you would like to add a bit of height to your appearance or you consider yourself to be short, then there are some simple tips you can follow to help you look taller. When choosing the pants, pick a low rise. Low rises are perfect as they stretch out to the torso, making you look taller in height and makes the body look longer. 
When deciding on a jacket, only go for one or two buttons, in this instance, less is always better. Having fewer buttons on your jacket will give the impression of a longer body and will be more in proportion with your body.  
Also, try to avoid bright colors and patterns as this will only draw attention to your frame. A solid color or a vertical strip will be much more flattering and give the illusion of an elongated body. 
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  • The perfect Suit for the Bulky Body type

With a bulky torso it's best to avoid big, bright and bold colors and patterns. Stick to Pinstripes and darker colors like navy or black, darker colors tend to make you look taller and slenderer. It’s true what they say, Black is slimming!
Wearing lightweight fabrics and fitted suits will look much more flattering on the body than other types of fabrics. Adding heavy fabrics will only add to your bulky frame. When choosing the perfect jacket, always try to go for two buttons. This will highlight your shoulders and elongate your torso, instantly making you look slimmer and will draw attention away from your body. 

  • The perfect Suit for the Slim Body Type

For a slim body type, a double-breasted fit is most flattering. It will add more layers to the torso and help bulk out your frame. A good fabric type to use would be something like tweed or worsted wool. 
If you want to make your frame looks bulkier, stick with light colors for your suit. Light colors help to make things look bulkier. Having a jacket with no vent or a single vent will be more flattering to the body. Jacket vents add more comfort and help with the movement for the user as well as looking very stylish and fashionable. 
Finding the perfect suit for your body type doesn’t have to be a dreaded job, there are many websites and people that can help you. Getting a fitting or asking for advice are very small and easy steps that will lead to you owning the perfect suit.