How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 5

Color That Never Escapes Form

How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 5

Black dress shoes and black accessories:

Black accessories are the most popular items around because they are easy to produce and there is such a huge demand. If you go back in history, an elegant man would never wear dress gloves in this color because it would show that they lack style and taste. Instead, they would wear gray gloves or chamois yellow, red or brown gloves, but never black. For shoes, a black is a great option if you work in a white-collar office environment and it is formal. You can have a few pairs of black shoes you can wear them for evening wear, funerals, business events or any other event where a certain degree of formality is required. Otherwise, you can stick to brown because there are lots more shades.

Why you should not wear black sneakers:

Black is always more formal and sneakers by definition are actually informal, so having a sneaker in this color is kind of a clash of formality levels and hence, so you should not do that. There are so many other colors of sneakers like gray, blue, yellow, green, red, and even pink. You will for sure find something that you like, but try to stay clear of black.

How to actually wear black:

When it is mixed up with other colors, the overall impression is not black. Wearing black less or less often is definitely one of those things that you will notice will change about you once you get more interested in dressing up and other people will notice it too.  If you wear less black, you will be happier with your wardrobe and you will get more interested and you will get more compliments as a result.