How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 4

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How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 4

Black don’ts, 2: Wearing black daywear suits, pants or jackets

For day wear, most men assume that a black suit is the first thing they should buy because they think it will look the best on them. Department stores are full of black suits and they are cheap, the fabrics are often times less expensive to produce and re-manufacture. It is so much easier for them to just produce a black suit because there a lot of people who are ignorant who end up buying them. The only thing worse than a black suit is having just a singular black jacket because that has a sports coat character and a sports coat is always more casual. Wearing a black jacket with, for example, a denim pair of pants is probably one of the biggest style mistakes you can make. If you live in a casual environment, throw all the black stuff and get something in different colors especially a sports coat with a slight pattern maybe in brown, green, blue or maybe even in gray.

Black don’ts, 3: Do not wear black t-shirts

For most men, if they wear it underneath the dress shirt, they just look bad because you can see the contours of the shirt and the color and it just looks odd. If you work out, you can see sweat stains more easily and deodorant stains. They quickly turn gray and get that fuzz that is ugly and overall, you should always get an undershirt that is much closer to your color and skin tone. If you are really black or really dark, try to go with something that is either dark gray or dark brown, they just look better and you will not see the lines even if you have a white dress shirt on top of it.