How To Wear Sneakers & Look Classy?

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How To Wear Sneakers & Look Classy?

If you think that sneakers are just meant for gym these days, then unfortunately you are living under the rock. They were solely designed for athletes and sportsmen but now they have become a part of both male and female wardrobe. From red carpets to sports, sneakers can be seen everywhere.

The Basic Sneaker Rules


No matter which type of sneakers you want to go for, here are some basic principles that you should follow on how to wear sneakers:

Buy sneakers that go with your wardrobe: What’s the point of buying sneakers that doesn’t suit your style? Don’t hop on whatever trend is going. Always select shoes that complement your entire wardrobe.

Wear sneakers as per the occasion: Sneakers come in versatile designs but shouldn’t be worn as dress shoes. Make sure you are never underdressed for any particular occasion such as a wedding.

Keep them clean: No matter how cool your sneakers are, if they aren’t clean they will lose their value. Sneakers require maintenance which include washing laces, eliminating odours, brushing the outsoles and use sneaker shields.

How To Get The Best Look?



The common approach to wear sneakers is to match them with slim denims along with the Parisian style blazers which are long and drapey. Whatever you call your sneakers cons, chucks or canvas kicks the basic sneakers are most versatile casuals that you can buy. They go with denims, chinos and shorts of any shade and color. Basic sneakers however, do not go with every occasion so it is better to keep them for casual things.  A printed tee-shirt or gingham shirts with blazers would match sneakers and give you the best college professor look.

  • You must know how to mix the casual sneakers with chinos and skinny jeans

  • Don’t make it a necessary wear for every occasion

  • Suits younger men more as compared to older men

  • Make sure you look and stay clean to slay the casual sneakers look

If you are wearing sneakers with shorts make sure that they suit you because sneakers look heavy as compared to the basic canvas. Basic tee-shirts and polos are great options with shorts. To give yourself a move distinct look with the sneakers, go for a shirt which slim tie, blazer and slim denim. Always make sure that you start with black color sneakers to know that they suit you. In summers, try opting for brighter colors to for a cooler look.