How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 3

Color That Never Escapes Form

How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 3

Why black is bad even though many people wear it, number 2:

Black clothes can fade and you can also see deodorant stains which are lighter in color so a t-shirt in this color looks old much more quickly than a gray t-shirt or a white t-shirt. This color is not ideal because it absorbs a lot of energy of light so you can easily overheat, especially during the warmer seasons. Black is also not so easily combined with other shades of gray and especially not with navy. If you have a black jacket and navy pants, it just looks bad. It is too close in color but not quite the same and so it just looks off. The same goes when you wear a black jacket and black pair of pants made of a different material, it just looks wrong. On the other hand, if you had a charcoal suit, you can easily combine it with a navy tie because it works together much better. It gives you a greater range of combination and it is similarly dark. So charcoal is the better black. Whenever you think about getting a black suit or a jacket, go with charcoal and you will look much better.

Black and white combination:

If you have a black tie or a white tie outfit, the contrast between this color and white is very pleasing, at the same time it is very formal and not casual. Wearing this color and white during the day is just too strong of a statement and it is much better reserved for evening wear.

Black don’ts, number 1: Do not wear black dress shirts

If you care about your clothes, do not wear dress shirts in this color. You can see men do it all of the time, even at the Oscars. They have a dress shirt, a jacket and a tie in this color. It is a monochromic look and you cannot see any contrast, so it looks horrible.