How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 2

Color That Never Escapes Form

How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 2

Black has its purpose and it has its time and its place but today we just see it a lot, especially on regular day wear and that is historically not quite appropriate.

When you should wear black, number 2:

You can wear this color when it is mixed. That is true for accessories, but black in its own way, when it’s all black is better suited to evening wear, and formal day wear. Black is great for priests and for funerals. You can show up at a funeral in a very dark suit such as a charcoal suit or maybe a navy suit. If you go back, about 20 years, you could see a lot of black and white pictures and drawings and sometimes it seems that they are all wearing black but, there were mostly wearing dark shades of charcoal and not the uniform solid black that we are so accustomed to today. You have plenty of other options today other than this color, like charcoal, gray, mid-gray, you can have patterns that incorporate black and white or black and gray and of course, you have brighter colors and you have browns and greens. All of these come in different shades so you have an even better range of colors that can highlight your uniqueness and your individuality.

Why black is bad even though many people wear it, number 1:

Just because a lot of people wear this color today, that does not mean it is the way they look best. One of the big drawbacks of black is that it ages extremely poorly. If you have a black t-shirt, and you wash it five times, it gets that gray fuzz and it is washed-out and it looks very aged.