10 Tips to better leverage color part two

Color That Never Escapes Form

10 Tips to better leverage color part two

Color tip TWO: Orange

The feelings it evokes are uplifting, fun, playful, creative. And if you don't like red, you don't like pink, guys, orange is a great alternative a very powerful color. Again, one that is only going to make up about 1% of your wardrobe. Now, that being said, you want foundation pieces like a sports jacket being orange? The answer is no. It is too overpowering, it is a bit too much. So where is orange going to work? Well, orange is really 1% of a man's wardrobe, so it is going to be the accessory pieces, it is going to be the pocket squares, it is going to be possibly bringing into accent stitching as I talked about before. I have seen it on boots. The jacket, for example, has got contrast stitching that is orange. That is where I feel orange, that is where the orange really shine. Again, is they are just a little bit of a spice that you add to a larger base color.

Color tip THREE: Brown

Brown is one of my favorite colors in man's wardrobe. It should make up about 10% of your wardrobe, and we are talking dark brown, medium brown, light brown, tan, khaki, and variations of such. And the emotions that it evokes are going to be an earthy type of natural feel, it is sturdy, comforting, reliable, it is rustic. In general, brown is going to be more casual. Shoes, jacket, they are all great in brown colors. Your only job is to match those colors, to pick a good type of brown. Matching shoes with your brown belt for example, or shoes with a jacket. A lot of different variations are there. Just pick a good one.