10 Tips to better leverage color part one

Color That Never Escapes Form

10 Tips to better leverage color part one

Guys, this is the power of color, and you can use it to your advantage because in this blog I am going over ten colors talking about the emotions that they evoke and how you can bring these colors into your wardrobe.

Color tip ONE: Red and Pink

I am going to go ahead and group them together. In general, though, we are talking about 2% of your wardrobe. Let's talk about the emotions that the color red evokes. Passion, it makes a man feel more aggressive, more important, more courageous, makes them look more energetic, dominant. And research has also shown this is based off a 2014 study out of the Journal of Psychology and Marketing that wearing red is going to make you also more persuasive.
Now, the color pink, it specifically evokes the emotions of youthfulness, of love, of romance, and of being supportive. So, how to bring red and pink into your wardrobe? The easiest place is going to be accessories; neckties, pocket squares. Oftentimes, the brighter colors are going to be more youthful, it is going to be the darker hues, which are going to be for the older more dominant type of feeling that you want to evoke here. Now, I think a well-dressed man, especially with a darker skin color, can bring in pink and red into his shirts as well, a pink shirt classic. I have also seen it with contrast stitching on watches. It gives it a bit of a sporty look. I go look at the second hand, some of the complication dials, all of a sudden I am able to see the red in there and it really stands out.
The point is, do not be afraid to wear red and pink. It will not make you less of a man.