How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 1

Color That Never Escapes Form

How to look interesting, and what colors to wear instead of black part 1

Black is very resistant to stains because often times, you cannot see the stain when you stain it. Sometimes people also claim, this color makes you look slimmer although there does not seem to be any scientific purpose for that. If you just think about it, if a dark color makes you look slimmer than for example, a charcoal color would do the exact same thing, yet charcoal is not as popular as this color.

Why black can look boring:

Black is widely available and unlike other colors, it is a very simple shade that is very consistent. For that reason, people sometimes think they can combine different items in this color that are not made from the same fabric. However, the weave is different, the materials are different, and when the light comes onto the black color and reflects into your eye, it is reflected differently. Black clothes can look hugely different once they are worn next to each other, even though both look black individually. For that reason, black can be boring because it is just one simple shade and in my opinion, this color is for people who are a bit insecure about their outfit and what they want to express, but of course, it is not always the case.

When you should wear black, number 1:

Black is a very good color for evening wear. That means a black tuxedo or a black dinner jacket look great for any formal event. This color is also great for formal day wear such as a morning coat. You can wear it with a stroller suit and peaked lapels as a jacket. You can also use this color in trousers however not as a solid but as a cashmere stripe pair of trousers which means there is a mix of gray and black. It is always good to wear this color when you mix it with something else so the overall appearance is not black but maybe gray.