How to Extend the Life of Your Favorite Suits!

How to Extend the Life of Your Favorite Suits!

How to Extend the Life of Your Favorite Suits!

These formal suits are everyone’s favorite and all of us want to keep them in our closet. Because of their elegance, class, and stylishness, they are really expensive. So, of course, it would break your heart if they become worse in appearance. Therefore, brace yourself ‘coz I am about to tell you some secrets on how to keep your favorite suits for you for a longer period of time.

1.    Dry Cleaning Moderately:

If you really love your favorite suits, dry clean them moderately very often but not exceeds the period. Dry cleaning your favorite suits every week can reduce the life of them because it will rip away the natural fiber of your suit. What you need to do is to cleanse them by using a soft towel or clothing brush regularly.

2.    Rotating Your Suits:

Don’t abrade your suit. Your closet must contain more than one suit so that you can wear them all by repeating. Don’t wear your favorite suit regularly. Have at least four suits ready with you. Never overuse your favorite suits to make them live longer.

3.    Keep them Properly:

Select appropriate hangers with rounded edges for your suits, that will be perfect for the shoulders of the suits and keep them in proper shape. When you pack them, carefully shape the creases and lapels with alignment. After that, take cautions while rolling them so that they stay in their shape. If you are storing your favorite suits for next season, dry clean them first. This way, all the dirt and food particles go away and will not stain your clothes.

4.    Size of the Suits:

Not just for your favorite suits, every cloth you wear must fit your body. If you get a suit less than your actual body size, then it will give marks on your suit causing them to damage too quickly. So, if you love to put your favorite suits more often, you need to buy them of your perfect body size.

Suits are nothing but the most important things in your entire closet, make sure you maintain their life for a longer period of time. Dry clean them at a proper time interval, rotate and repeat them, do check your size, and hang, pack, or store them in rightly.