Tasseled Loafers are on the Rise

The Classic History Of Loafers

Tasseled Loafers are on the Rise

Tasseled loafers are not the newest fashion, they actually come from the 60’s fashion and yet they are owning this era as well. There is always a very strong and smart reason why a style continues to travel through so many years; in the case of tasseled loafers, they just do not seem to be coming to an end.


We would predict that they’ll live forever. It’s so sure to say because as every other person with a good sense of fashion, we too have never seen a tasseled loafer not looking good on an outfit.


If anyone has doubts about the ‘tasseled loafers always looking good on every outfit’ theory, they can test it themselves. While you decide whether to get a pair of tasseled loafers or not, we’ll show you pictures of formal as well as casual outfits which looked simply more interesting with a pair of tasseled loafers.


Formal Wear with Tasseled Loafers


There has usually been a long debate about tasseled being acceptable to be a part of formal wear. Just because there is standard set for something, doesn’t mean those standards will remain unchanged forever. Fashion is something that keeps changing and it’s only about tasseled loafers being a part of formal wear. We will not ask you to wear sneakers with a formal wear.


People argue that one must choose to wear a plain and decent footwear for a formal event because that is what what being formal is all about. Well, if you tassel up your footwear a bit, it’s not going to take your decency and throw it away.

Casual Wear with Tasseled Loafers


We can’t really take something from the casual wear and put it on a formal wear but we sure can take a tasseled loafer from formal wear and put it on with a casual outfit! Whether you are going to a summer party or on a date, class will be all yours if you decide to wear a pair of tasseled loafers. Who knows, they might even bring you some good luck!


That’s the beauty of tasseled loafers, you can really wear them with anything; just remember to carry yourself the right way as well. There’s no point of discussion if you wear them with pajamas just to test its limits. By looking at their amazing looks, we are not sure if they won’t look good even on pajamas!