Reasons why Fur is Out of Fashion

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Reasons why Fur is Out of Fashion

If you were looking for one reason why fur shouldn’t be worn anymore, rest assured, we will give you more than one reason. And if you must ask why that is, wearing Fur is simply something all of us can live without just fine! Whereas, there certainly will be some living beings who will not be fine if we don’t stop wearing fur: the animals whose hair the fur is made of.

Animals are not for your wardrobe

The very first and the most important reason why you should really stop wearing fur is because your wardrobe is not what those animals were born to be in.

We could do a lot better than turning them into things we merely carry or wear. It’s their skin and hair we are actually messing with.

You don’t get to see its making process

Sure, it seems pretty easy for you to say right now that it’s just like shaving off some hair, how could that be painful. If you really knew how the process of it all goes, you wouldn’t want to wear or carry around such cruelty with you.


That’s a huge reason why such processes are never shown to you. Obviously, no one wants their product to get banned. It’s an old way of sugar-coating something deep down you’re not really proud of.  

The more you will avoid the reasons, the more lives will be endangered

Not just one person is to be blamed here; there is a huge amount of people who are well aware of how the fur comes to us in its final look, yet they still choose to overlook the cruelty. It’s not entirely their fault either, they have just been too deeply conditioned into thinking that wearing an animal skin or hair is okay.

They don’t use the fur of only those animals who were already used for meat trade

Many of us are told that the fur or leather of only those animals is used who are already undergone the meat trading process. In reality, animals actually lose their lives just for the sake of fur or leather too.


We are not told about many of such harsh realities and that is exactly why we should begin to look past conditioned trends and go for the numerous other fashion alternatives that exist in this world.