Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 5

Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 5

Many men get confused as to what exactly is a moccasin or loafer, but in this guide, you will learn about a lot about Moccasin shoes, the history, and I will highlight variations such as driving mocs and “moccasins” with soles, and provide tips on how to wear and buy them.

Driving Mocs and Tod’s, number 2:

Unfortunately, you cannot really repair Tod’s driving mocs, so most people discard them once the knobs have worn off. Sometimes, a cobbler will be able to attach a new, more durable sole thus impacting the character of the shoe. To make them more durable, some manufacturers have started to add large rubber elements to the sole. Finding a driving moccasin that is great for you can be a challenge, because there is almost too much choice, in all price categories from thousands of brands and vendors. You can choose more unusual shoe colors such as bright red, royal blue, green, yellow, sky blue…in suede for summer wear with seersucker trousers or shorts on warm weekends. Normally they are worn without socks but lately, people have come up with all sorts of sweat-absorbent inserts, but the problem is they make the shoe smaller and often less comfortable to wear. As such, make sure that the inside of the shoe is all leather, because it absorbs moisture, but synthetic materials do not.

Boat shoes and driving Mocs, construction:

Boat shoes are loafers that are often advertised as having moccasin construction. While that is technically not true, the U-shaped uppers and construction are the same or similar to a genuine moccasin, but they add a leather sole, a rubber sole and sometimes heels to it. Most of the time, they are simply loafers. If you want a true soft sole moccasin you should go with Moccasins that have soft deerskin double sole.