6 Best Men’s Sandals that you can Purchase Right Now

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Why do we prefer Sandals over slippers or shoes?

Because they’re easy-going, comfortable, and go well with most occasions.

You can’t go from the beach to the trails, and then have a dinner at a fancy restaurant without changing your shoes or slippers. But you can with your Sandals. Nobody will ask why you’re wearing a different kind of footwear.

So, if Sandals offer you such relaxation and flexibility, why wouldn’t you buy yourself a pair?

The answer is worth thinking and this is the reason we have brought you a collection of:

Best men’s Sandals available in the market

Have a look:

1. Teva Omnium

These close-toed sandals are completely designed for your comfort and to offer you protection in extreme weather conditions.

While their sturdy built and the large toe bumpers are going to keep you safe on hard terrain, the sandals have allow air and water to pass through.

This way, the shoes will make you feel relaxed while you’re taking a run. You must go for them.

2. Malibu Latigo Sandals

These sandals might look strange when you look them for the first time as they’re inspired by Baja-style Mexican huarache sandals.

However, once you get used to them, you’ll not go anywhere else.

Another best thing about them is that you can don them everywhere and look relaxed – at the beach, in the garden, or while walking your kids around the block. Just make sure to scrub them or put them in dry sun after you wear them to beach or in rain.

3. Metro Men’s Leather Sandals

Go with these if you’re looking for sandals that make you feel look cool, casual, and relaxed. They’ll definitely uplift your style statement. Just pair them with right clothes.

A casual shirt/t-shirt with navy chinos or slim-fit jeans will look fab. You can spice it up with sunglasses or a watch. You’ll definitely look great.

However, these sandals are not meant for tough things like hiking. In that case, you would have to look for other alternatives.

4. Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Sandals

People love these sandals because they’re versatile and offer a lot: comfort, durability, maximum traction on wet surfaces, and a variety of color options.

The quick-drying adjustable straps of the sandles make sure that you can walk freely on steep terrain. On the other hand, the lugged outsole ensures that you don’t slight on a wet surface. There’s also a toe-loop for extra-control and adjustable heel risers.

In short, you’re getting a lot in just one pair of sandals and this makes them a perfect buying option.

5. ECCO Yucatan

Made from hard leather, these sandals are specially made for traveling and hiking. Not only they offer comfort and support in extreme weather conditions but look pretty stylish as well.

The upper part is made from leather with soft padding under the straps. This will prevent your feet from getting injured with the straps. Cushioned foot bed on the other hand will make sure you don’t have any difficulty traveling.

There are also a variety of color options to choose from. What else would you want?

6. Keen Newport H2

These sandals work perfectly on steep terrains. Hence, they’re perfect for hiking.

It has everything that you might need in a hiking sandal: extreme toe protection, top protection, and grip for both wet and dry rocks.

Another biggest advantage is its bungee lacing system which allows users to cinch the sandals tight so that you have no difficulty during hiking. Also, it’s very easy to wash and dry them.

In short, the sandals are a keeper.