Go Bold and Wild with Crazy Color Socks, But How?


When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them

Go Bold and Wild with Crazy Color Socks, But How?

Don’t confuse yourself with bold and novelty socks as both have a different concept. Bold socks are worn to bring more attention to your outfit and they do not seem messy. On the other side, novelty socks bring newness in your dressing and look funnier which means they are not used to maintain the class of your dress. Traditionally, socks are of solid colors and small patterns on them. While bold color socks are brighter in colors and contain large patterns.

Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with some excellent tips to wear socks like a pro.

When You are not in a Mood to Wear Bold Socks:

Keep in mind, in a thought to look wittier, you can’t wear them on funerals, interviews, and business meetings. The reason to that is these socks themselves cry out offering to look at them and in such serious situations, wearing them means you are making fun of the opposite people. Plus, you aren’t supposed to grab more attention there.

Where to Wear Bold Socks:

You can successfully wear bold socks for weddings, parties, clubs, concerts etc. These are places to have some fun and bold socks are perfect add-ins for such an environment. Nowadays, people pick them for casual or business casual workplaces. Break! Make sure you aren’t much in use of these socks as they aren’t appropriate and best every time.

How to Match Your Socks:

Before anything else, check that your right socks are similar with that of your left socks having the same pattern, otherwise be ready for your big fun people would make. The best idea is to match your socks with your pants' color, but your socks’ color should be darker in case your pants are of lighter color. This is called monochromatic appearance and it always looks good on every occasion and in every season. To give you an idea, take example of a dress with dark grey pants, for that, grey socks will rock, you can also opt for navy chinos and red socks with them, but the later options are chosen when you want to go more colorful in suits, which is not bad, but for that, you have to wear complimentary colors which are always good together.