7 Brands that Make Cool and Affordable Tees for Men

7 Brands that Make Cool and Affordable Tees for Men

7 Brands that Make Cool and Affordable Tees for Men

Seeing your best friend wearing $200 Armani tee, you might’ve thought I wish I could do the same.

But not all of us are capable of buying such an expensive clothing.

Instead, we’ll have to look for brands that can offer us cool tees but at a less price.

Well, if that’s the case, someone had to do the research work which I did and brought you a list of:

Incredibly stylish and economic men's tees (t-shirts) brands

Have a look:


Founded in 1995 in New York, this independent fashion label is popular for creating highly-detailed and augmented fashion products for men, especially tees.

People love them, not just because their t-shirts are stylish and represent evolving traditions and visual subculture, but also because their clothing is highly economic.

You can buy their tees for just $20 or $30. Who knew that looking a stud could cost so less.


BAPE stands for Bathing Ape. It’s a Japanese clothing label that specializes in urban streetwear.

As it was originated in the 1990s in the Harajuku area of Shibuya in Tokyo, you might see a little bit of retro-Japanese touch in their t-shirts.

However, it will also be wrong to say that their all t-shirts are the same. Some are pretty modern in terms of style.

In short, the label has a degree in producing t-shirts that are limited and rare. You can choose them without any regrets.

3. Buck Mason

The specialty of Buck Mason’s t-shirts is that each piece can last for more than just a single season. This makes style and fashion economic and less complicated. Given their everlasting style, the amazing tees of the label can make an iconic collection in your wardrobe.

Another thing! Buck Mason sells all his collection online only. But you can check the t-shirts at their retail locations before purchasing.


If you have a hard time trusting new brands and are looking for a t-shirt label that’s in the market for decades – EPTM is your best bet.

All these tees are timeless in terms of style and craftsmanship. One more thing, they never set for less in terms of design and quality. So, you can totally rely on them.

PS: Check out their Essential curved hem tees. It’s the specialty of the label.

5. Goodlife

The t-shirt brand has a rich track record for creating evergreen fashion products and tees that are wardrobe staples.

The best thing about the design of their t-shirts is that they combine modern day style with old-school trends. This makes them a great option to go with.


“Give customers more than what they pay for.”

This is the motto of KITH and when you’ll see their t-shirts, you’ll understand why they say so.

Perhaps, that’s the reason that the label is everyone’s favorite because they push themselves beyond the boundaries to offer customers what they truly wished for.

Wanna know their specialty? Check their limited release and collab tees.


What started as a desire to design affordable clothes for friends has become a famous clothing label.

Many people are their fans all thanks to their hard work and style. Their cool t-shirts represent their masterpiece crafts. Also, their basic tees are pretty affordable. You can buy them are very basic rates.

Two cents of wisdom

This means you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to look like a stud. All you need is to look beyond the labels and go for brands that are new are not that much big. You never know you can something amazing there.