Chinese Collar Shirt Guide: How to Look Stylish

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Chinese Collar Shirt Guide: How to Look Stylish

These days you can see many guys wearing shirts with missing collars. While you might think that these gentlemen are misguided — that’s not the case.

The new trend of style is called Chinese Collar Shirt.

Now, these collarless shirts look intriguing. Yet they’re very difficult to style.

But don’t worry we’re here to help you with this:

Guide to Wearing Mandarin collar shirts like a pro

1. Make sure you’re actually purchasing a Chinese collar shirt

Most people often confuse Chinese collar shirts with band collar shirts.

There is nothing wrong with band collar shirts. But how can you expect to look good if you’re wearing a wrong dress?

So, know the difference and buy the right pair. Here’s how to differentiate between a Chinese collar and a band collar shirt:

A band collar shirt has a collar that stands up. There are no folding points.

Mandarin collar shirts, on the other hand, extend above the final button and goes around the neck. In front, the shirt doesn’t meet completely in front. Instead, it leaves an open space in front.

2. Dress minimally to highlight the collar

Collar is the main feature of a Chinese collar T-shirt. So, make sure you highlight it properly.

With that said, go for a minimalist look and avoid wearing shiny jeans and too many accessories.

A textured belt, simple shoes, wristwatch, and sunglasses are all you need to uplift your look.

To look a little more stylish in mandarin shirts, you can add a hat and roll up your sleeves.

3. Any pair of pants will go well

This is the best thing about Mandarin-collared shirts. No matter you wear them with jeans. Chino pants, or trousers — they will suit you.

So, you really don’t need to worry about what to wear on your legs. Just wear anything.

4. Be careful while choosing the fabric

Chinese collar shirts come in a variety of fabrics and not all can be worn on any occasion. So, be careful of where to wear them.

Cotton shirts look good with a formal wear. Layer them with a blazer and you’ll cross all levels of awesomeness. So, wearing them in a wedding party can be a great choice. You can even pair them with a bow-tie for a more classic look.

Denim shirts, on the other hand, are meant for casual occasions like parties, semi-formal meetings, and dates. They’re better paired with skinny or slim fit jeans.

There are also Chinese collar shirts in Khadi or slightly silk material. These are better paired with cotton pants, chinos, Jodhpuris, or Harem Pants for traditional occasions. You can even pair it with a Nehru jacket to improve your style quotient.

In case you have plans to wear a half-sleeve Mandarin Shirt, pair it with a hat. People will definitely adore your dressing sense.

5. Pick the right size

Size always plays a great role in deciding if an outfit will look good on you or not. While an oversized shirt will make you look clumsy and unattractive, you will not feel comfortable in an undersized one.

So, pick a mandarin shirt that suits your size. Then wonder about anything else.

Bonus Chinese collar shirt styling tip

Lower down your expectations!

Seeing the model on an ad, we might think that the shirt will look equally stunning on us. That’s where we go wrong.

Every person has a different body structure. Also, they are models. That’s why they’re paid for.

So, keep your expectations to ground. You will be saved from getting hurt later.

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