T-shirt guide part 4

Outfits you can Match with your Kids

T-shirt guide part 4

What to wear instead of a t-shirt, idea number 3: Popover shirt

If you want to look a little bit different, go with a Popover shirt. This shirt is a dress shirt that has a fly that goes only to the middle so you have to pop it over your head just like you would with a t-shirt. It is a little more casual than a dress shirt so you should go with a summery fabric that is breezy or can add some linen to the mix because it has a more summery casual character that is just in line with summer. Usually, those shirts come long-sleeved but you can roll them up.

What to wear instead of a t-shirt, idea number 4: Dress shirt

You want to take it even a further notch up, go with a dress shirt. You can wear a cotton dress, that has a check pattern and that is in some interesting colors. It is more interesting than a plain white oxford shirt or maybe a light blue one. At the end of the day, if you just wear a dress shirt, add some color, otherwise, it will just look like you are using your regular white and light office shirts and wearing them at night and is not ideal. A dress shirt is far away from a t-shirt because it is not that comfortable but, if you want to look more formal and stylish you should wear a dress shirt. You can add a blazer to the mix with your dress shirt because it just looks very handsome and debonair. It is clear, a t-shirt has very limited use and you can wear it if you work outside, if you do physical activity, or if you go to the gym, otherwise you will look too casual.