Purchasing your first suit

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Purchasing your first suit

Buying your first suit can be quite a worrying task, with so many different styles, colors and materials available what do you go with? No matter what the occasion, there is a perfect suit out there waiting for you to wear it. Whether your suit is for a formal occasion, business meeting, first date or graduation you know you’ll always be ready to rise to the occasion in your first suit.

Suit fabric

The perfect fabric to choose for your first suit would be a wool material or a wool blend. It is comfortable and breathable, so perfect for those cold winter nights but also not so thick you’ll melt into a puddle during hot summer days. It also wrinkles a lot off than other fabrics such as cotton and keeps you looking better for longer.


Your first suit should last you a while, you want something stylish yet flattering. Although a black suit has many uses try avoiding black for your first colors. Black can be flattering but it is not a versatile color. Go for something that will not clash with other colors such as navy or charcoal grey.
Stay away from any bright colors or crazy patterns as this will not work well as a suit for formal occasions. If you would like a patterned suit, stick with a subtle pattern such a herringbone or a plaid.

Size and Suit style

When buying your first suit, make sure you find out your correct measurements beforehand. You can do this very easily by going to a professional tailor or doing it at home yourself. Once you have your suit, you can then visit a tailor and get the jacket sleeves altered so it sits a bit higher at the cuff. This will live off a sophisticated look, also make sure the jacket sleeves and trouser legs are altered to fit you perfectly.
When deciding on a suit jacket, go with a more modern two-buttoned jacket. This type of jacket looks very stylish but not to serious so it’s a great look for all occasions. Once you have your suit, the next step is to decide on a shirt. A smart white shirt would work perfectly, and you could always pair it with a bright, fun-colored tie if the occasion is less formal. If you're going to a formal event wear a solid colored tie.