T-shirt guide part 3

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            T-shirt guide part 3

When you should not wear a t-shirt:

This piece of clothing shows every imperfection on your body.  Humans are programmed to find symmetrical faces and things to be more attractive and so a t-shirt makes me look less attractive just because my body is not symmetrical and neither is yours. A t-shirt is also not flattering if you have thin arms because the contrast highlights your thin and skinny arms. At the same time, if you have a little bit of a belly, maybe some love handles maybe man boobs, a t-shirt will always accentuate all those flaws and of course, you do not want that. A t-shirt makes you always look worse than you are because it has very thin fabric and it dramatizes your bodily imperfections. If you are in great shape, if you have that desirable v- shape, if you have big guns, go ahead and wear well for the t-shirt, it will flatter your look but at the same time, it is not proper for formal situations or if you go out an evening.

What to wear instead of a t-shirt, idea number 1: Henley shirt

If you want to take it one notch up from a regular t-shirt, invest in a Henley shirt. Basically, it has the same properties of a t-shirt but it has a heavier fabric that drapes better and it also has a fly with buttons which just is an interesting detail that makes you instantly different than other people around you who wear t-shirts.

What to wear instead of a t-shirt, idea number 2: Polo shirt

If you want to take the next step up you should add a collar and wear a polo shirt. Make sure not to get a shirt with a flimsy collar, because it looks very bad.