T-shirt guide part 2

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  T-shirt guide part 2

When to wear a t-shirt:

It is great if you have work to do in the yard or if you go to the gym. When involved in a physical activity, rather than using plain cotton, you should go with more advanced fabrics that have a moisture wicking property such as modal. Cotton can absorb up to 27 times of its own weight in moisture and if you keep it at your body it might be uncomfortable. The cotton t-shirt will stick to your body and be uncomfortable, so when you workout, go with something more moisture wicking and avoid cotton. If you do lots of training with weights, you need more arm movement, so skip a t-shirt and go with something that is sleeveless. It is going to be more comfortable and more effective for your workout.

T-shirt as an undershirt:

You can also wear a t-shirt as an undershirt but that is not very smart because t-shirts have a crew neck, sometimes a v-neck, but it is quite high and if you wear a dress shirt on top of it, you can see it peek out from underneath the collar which looks bad. Undershirts are tailored differently, they are longer so they do not come untucked, they have a much deeper cut out so you cannot see the collar and they usually come in colors closer to skin tone so they will not show underneath.

You should not wear a t-shirt in the club:

If you wear a t-shirt when you go out to a club, you really do not stand out, you just fit in because that is what most other people wear and unfortunately, it does not flatter your body style very much unless you are in great shape with big shoulders, big biceps, and a very trim v-shape. And even then, the t-shirt is very thin and it just does not flatter you as well as other garments would.