Who Says Makeup is Not For Men

Who Says Makeup is Not For Men

Who Says Makeup is Not For Men

So, you can say that makeup’s history goes back to women. But does the entire history of makeup only include women wearing makeup? Are you sure there’s no trace of men ever even touching makeup? Sounds very unlikely and it obviously is very unlikely.


Men too, have worn makeup just as much as women do and for quite a long period of time. In fact, ever since makeup came into being thousands of years ago, men have continued to wear makeup  till this very moment. Yes, there it is; men never stopped wearing makeup.

The Real Purpose of Makeup

Back in the day, people used to wear makeup in order to reach up to the beauty standards of their time. Those beauty standards have never stopped changing. It is agreeable that today, women are certainly in majority to be wearing makeup but that doesn’t mean men should step away from makeup.


It is true that one shouldn’t lose their self in trying to reach up to a beauty standard, but they are still allowed to do what they want to do. The purpose of makeup has always been art then why should a man be stopped if he wants to create art?


Makeup does not make a man less manly

The forever debate has had it that makeup makes a man look less manly. Let’s get one thing straight then; we all look nothing like what we used to do millions of years ago, but just because we don’t ‘look’ the same, does it make us any less of a human?


Men wearing makeup isn’t that strange anymore

A big amount of women use makeup products to hide the parts of their skin that make them insecure and surely. Similarly, men can also take advantage of those makeup products if it can help them overcome their insecurities.



Honestly, what’s the harm for others if a man decides to wear makeup?


Makeup is fun and fashionable

It should only be considered good to see a man indulging himself in the kind of fun that comes with wearing makeup. The world needs to understand that there is a lot to makeup than that it makes a man look like a girl, because isn’t it makeup that transforms a girl into looking like a man too?