T-shirt guide part 1

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 T-shirt guide part 1

Denim jeans and t-shirt is probably the most popular garment in the men’s fashion, but just because something is popular that does not mean it is the most flattering for your body type, so you should always choose what to wear based on what flatters you and not just because something is popular.

History of the t-shirt:

It all started out as an undergarment for laborers and workers and before then, they would wear a union suit which was a combination of the undergarment of pants and shirt then they cut it apart and the t-shirt was made. Between 1898 and 1930s, the US Navy adopted a t-shirt as an undergarment and issued it to their soldiers. In the beginning, it was a basic white cotton crew neck t-shirt that had short sleeves. It was only meant to be worn as an undergarment below a uniform so it is never to be seen, or in hot climates, or in a submarine. Sometimes, soldiers would take off their uniform and just use the cotton undershirt and eventually, that became very popular because it was easy, it was comfortable, it was easy to clean and it was cheap. As such, it made its way to the public and it was particularly popular as a boy’s shirt because it was cheap. You could have different colors and it was functional. The term t-shirt did involve around the 1920s but ever since it is the same.

T-shirt today:

Today, t-shirts are popular with men for the same reasons. First of all, it is cheap, plus it is cheap to make, it is relatively inexpensive to buy, on top of that, it is easy to put on, you do not have to worry about it, and so a lot of men wear it all the time.