How Can Men Rock Neckties Casually

How Can Men Rock Neckties Casually

How Can Men Rock Neckties Casually

History tells that neckties used to be worn as parts of uniforms and then later nobles began to wear neckties as a symbol of nobility. This piece of history about neckties tells enough about why one should bring back the prominent era of neckties for both, men and women! They could bring an extra spark to your personality without having you work an extra mile for it.

Below is the list of necktie styles you can go for and nail the event you’re opting the style for!

Long Bow Necktie

What do we think of when we hear the word necktie? Fancy. So guys, there’s a lot more to neckties than the tiny amount you’ve been told about!

The longbow neckties speak for themselves, they’re slightly broader than the common thin neckties and also longer in length so that they can make a bigger and elegant bow. They will look best for your formal look during that important event you are considering it for!

Bow ties

The bow ties are the most exciting a smaller necktie can get! From guys to business men, floppy bow ties make the necktie game a lot more interesting.

Bow ties are already great at catching attention so you will not have to spend hours matching patterns because a simple colored bow tie would be your best answer.

Ascot ties

Ascot ties just never fail to bring your elegant look to a whole new level. It’s worn in the look of a modern cravat. They are usually worn with casual outfits but they can be worn in offices as well since originally, they were considered a formal piece of clothing.

And if you are thinking of wearing an ascot tie with a trouser suit, you are definitely getting a lot of compliments about your outfit!

Man’s tie

Lastly, the most common way of wearing a tie today is wearing it just like men do. Because you know what they say, simple ways of wearing something also has a lot to say about you and your personality.

We hope you were able to pick your favourite style. Real life can’t be wrapped up nicely and easily but a necktie sure can!