Guide on how a suit should fit part 2

Everyday wear suits? Wool suits!

 Guide on how a suit should fit part 2

How a jacket of the suit should fit, number 2: shoulder

You need the shoulder seam on top to be just slightly extended from the bone on your shoulder. Unlike a dress shirt which ends exactly at the bone, you want it to be slightly hanging over to give you a broader look and enable a range of movement because when you have multiple layers of fabric, the outer layer always has to be a little longer to be comfortable, you want the top part of your shoulder to be smooth. Do not buy a too big jacket, because changing it is almost impossible. You can also have a poorly fitting shoulder if you see huge dents right underneath the top of the padding and your actual arm. It makes you look more like a football player and you should always skip that kind of jacket. You should not choose a suit jacket where your shoulder area is too tight, because you will not be able to move your hands. You can always measure your shoulder width from bone to bone and at about half an inch or a centimeter to get the right shoulder width that you should have in a suit.

How a jacket of the suit should fit, number 3: armholes

Most armholes in suits are too big because suits are industrially made and they want to have one size that fits it all, the problem is if you have huge armholes, it may seem like it is more comfortable but it actually is not. That is because as soon as you move, your entire jacket moves with you and constricts you. If you have a tight armhole that ends just below your armpit, you can easily move. If you have an armhole that is too small, you will see wrinkles on the sleeve, so pay attention to that.