Doctor dressing guide part 4

 Doctor dressing guide

    Doctor dressing guide part 4

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 7:

Bowties are very good for doctors because they do not interfere with your day to day work and they make you stand out from all the others instantly. Apart from that, accessories are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your outfit.

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 8:

If you wear a jacket, you should go with a pocket square, because it just rounds up the look. While boutonnieres can really change the entire look, you should stay clear of them because they may look foolish to some patients and on top of that, they may be crushed under the lab coat. If you want to wear a boutonniere, wear them outside of the workplace.

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 9:

If you wear white shoes and white pants, you should wear white socks. You can wear white over the calf socks in cotton because they absorb sweat and help to keep you comfortable all day. So as a conclusion, the best thing you can do as a doctor is to always put in the extra effort and dress in the way that makes you look more professional. If a suit is too much, go with a combination. If you cannot wear jackets, go with dress shirts and roll up sleeves or short sleeved shirts and try to accessorize what you have and always go with neckwear especially a bow tie because it sets you apart from others and it does not interfere with your work.

A typical outfit you could wear as a doctor:

It starts with a dress shirt with barrel cuffs with buttons, then a dark green silk bow tie with a micropattern. Green sports coat, single-breasted. Then, you can add a pair of chinos in a classic sand tone and Oxford shoes.