3 Easy Styles Men can wear Scarves in

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3 Easy Styles Men can wear Scarves in

Don’t let this become one of those debates too that men don’t need any fancy way to tie their scarves; as if masculinity demands them to just hang the scarves around their necks. It is simply up to the person whether or not he wants to make a little effort for an accessory or not; and if you do decide to make the effort, you’ll still be a man.

Winter is for the scarves

One can’t possibly spend the entire winter season just with the turtlenecks. Yes, they’re quite helpful but scarves provide some more warmth which you need during the season.

You might have to wear scarves to work daily but if you don’t tie it in an interesting way for work, it’ll be understandable because you’ll have to take it off anyway.


But you could also be going for a day out, a picnic or simply to take a walk by the beach, you’re going to need a scarf around your neck to avoid the cold breeze but wouldn’t it look better if you tied your scarf in an interesting way?


The overhand knot

More than style, scarves are essentially good to keep you warm and this knot does its job the most. Firstly, it is so easy to tie and secondly, it keeps you warm properly.


All you need to do is take the scarf and drape it around your neck, keeping one end longer than the other. Now you will be taking the longer end to cross it over the shorter one and eventually, bring it under and through the neck opening, just like a loop.


The parisian knot

The parisian knot could probably be easier than the overhand knot because for this one, the process is simpler but the outcome is no less than classy!


First you fold your scarf in halves in both, length and width-wise. You then drape the folded scarf around your neck and bring the loose ends through the loop on the other side that had been formed from the fold.


The reverse drape knot

This one has the look of a tough one but it’s actually quite easy to tie.


In order to get yourself a smart reverse drape knot, you will start off just like the overhand knot, then you will make a loop around your neck with the longer end. The same end will then be tucked under the loop. You will tuck the other end the same way and adjust.