What Do Women see in Men’s Dressing? Check it out!

3 style tips on how women want men to dress

What Do Women see in Men’s Dressing? Check it out!


Women want style, class, and sophistication covered with some dangerous looks in men’s dressing. The foremost and the best way to attract women is by choosing monochromatic looks. It is not necessary that you go with one shade, for example, if you want to wear a gray suit, it does not mean that you should wear the same shades of gray. Here are our simple tips to rock the ladies with your monochromatic and not-so-boring dressing.

1.    Dress Up in a Contrast

Contrast is not that you wear a two-colored suit, rather it is about going with the different shades of the same color as it is a monochromatic way of dressing. If your jeans are gray colored, your boots should be of dark gray, and belt darker gray, make a contrast for your shirt and choose a light gray color. If your outfit is all dark gray, then wear light gray jeans. By contrast, you will look good, otherwise, your whole dress would look too dark and too bad. A black sweater can also work fine when your dress is gray as the combo is the finest.

2.    Styling with Different Patterns

Many men take a wrong meaning of monochromatic looks. They think, it means to wear a solid color, but in actual different stylish patterns are also great to wear. Your dressing becomes more interesting and better in this way. If you are choosing brown monochromatic looks, the brown patterned coat will add five stars to your dressing. Makes sure you do not look crazy with the bigger patterns, select the smaller ones.

3.    Accessories are a Must-Have

Women adore accessories, so make sure you wear one. Keep in mind that they must go side by side with your dressing and of the same color as you have chosen for your monochromatic looks.

The key to all is that you must be satisfied with what you are wearing. If you don’t know how this all monochromatic way of dressing works, or you don’t want some gray or brown hues in your dressing, you can choose black at any time. Black is the color that always looks good, in every season, and in every mood, and it also looks great in its different shades.