Doctor dressing guide part 3

Doctor dressing guide

   Doctor dressing guide part 3

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 4:

A workday can be really long and so it is good to invest in quality shoes. A lot of doctors wear tennis shoes and there are different ranges of what you can wear, and a lot of different shoes you can choose to wear. If you want to go all white, you can even find white buckskin wing tips that work very well for doctors, otherwise, you can go with just a regular Oxford or even better, derby shoes because of the open lacing system, they are usually more comfortable when you wear them for longer times. The great advantage of a leather shoe with the leather or linen lining compared to a tennis shoe is that it absorbs the sweat much better and your foot will be much more comfortable throughout the day, so a pair of leather shoes makes you look instantly more competent and professional.

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 5:

Bowties are better than regular neckties because they stay up at all times so no matter if you quickly lean over a patient or there is maybe an open wound, having the bow tie never interferes.

What to wear as a doctor, tip number 6:

If you have a tie clip, it may come loose. If you have a vest, it may slip out but usually, if you do it right and you maybe even tuck in the tie into the waistband, you will look good. A vest is also much better than a tie clip simply because it covers a lot bigger part of your tie, the same time, it is an extra layer of fabric and it may make you overheat especially if you have to run and work hard physically, but the choice is yours.