Striped Shirts and Lightweight Chinos are for 2018

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Striped Shirts and Lightweight Chinos are for 2018

Every season has a different style for every year because that is what the fashion industry comes up with by working day and night while we just sit enjoy a season ending. All our work after that is just picking and buying clothes that are similar to what the fashion industry came up with.



When a style becomes classic, it doesn’t go out of style for quite a long period of time. The proof is in striped t-shirts, we do not see them going out of style ever! Stripes were a lot in fashion even during the 1920’s and they have continued to be in style till date. Stripes are not only going to give you a sailor look this season, you are going to give exceptionally attractive looks to all those around you!


Since it gets a little hard to handle the heat of the summer when you’re wearing normal jeans. To help you stay fresh during the summer too, you can opt for chinos which are made up of a light cotton fabric that is perfect during the hot summer season.


Typically, chinos are worn in the shades light brown known as khaki-colors. Either you go for the typical chino shades or you pick a different shade, it will still go well with the striped shirts you are pairing up your chinos with.

This Combination Gives the Perfect Summer Vibe


If we must look at the originality of the striped shirts, they typically represent the look of a sailor but that explains enough. This fact speaks of summer too. You can also wear stripes under overcoats for winter season but summer has it good.


Ladies even get themselves striped accessories. For instance, striped scarves or bow ties that give you a very chic look during the summer season.



Thin or Thick Stripes?

There is a rule that says if you want a slimmer look, you should opt for thinner stripes. If you do not wish to look slimmer and want to wear thick stripes because you simply want to, you definitely can.



How do thin stripes give you a slimmer look? You would notice it yourself that thinner stripes are hard to focus on and that is what helps you look slimmer while wearing thinner stripes. Either way, both the types are definitely in fashion for 2018.