Everything you need to know before you buy your first suit

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Buying your first suit can be very nerve-racking, normally when you buy a suit its because you want to dress to impress whether that be for work for a formal event. You want to look your best and make an impression. Buying a suit doesn’t need to be hard, just follow these tips to help you find your perfect first suit.

Suit measurements

Knowing your correct measurements is so important when purchasing your first suit, correct being the keyword. Just because you’re a certain size in your jeans, does not mean that your suit will be the same size. A lot of men do not wear the correct suit size, and this means they end up owning and wearing an ill-fitting suit. The best way to make sure you have the correct suit measurements is to visit a tailor, they will get your correct measurements and your suit will fit you perfectly. You can measure yourself at home but there is no guarantee that you have the correct sizing.

Suit function

Before you even start looking at suits, you need to consider the function. Where will you be where the suit? To a meeting? For a formal event? If your suit will be for a formal or business event then try sticking to dark, solid color suits such as black, brown, grey or navy. You want to look your best and impress so stick with a classic style. If you're looking to buy a pattern, don’t go for anything too big or outrageous. Stick with small checks or a small pinstripe.


A quality suit should just be about the fit or function, the fabric needs to be perfect for you. The most common fabric that suits are made from is wool. Wool is a bit more expensive but comfortable to wear and very breathable.  Cotton is a lot cheaper but still a high-quality fabric considering the low price, it makes a very good fabric to use for suits.


You can buy a suit tailored to your body, but this will cost you an arm and a leg. So why not buy a suit off the rack and have this tailored to your measurements. Make sure you find a good, experienced tailor who is skilled, you want your suit to be perfect.
Type of dress shirt and footwear
When choosing a dress shirt play it safe if you want to look professional. Stick with white or light pastel colors, these are the most commonly accepted colors for formal shirts. If you want to add some pattern to your shirt, why not try a herringbone pattern.
If your shoes don’t match the same style as your suit, it can ruin your whole look. If you want to look smart and sharp, then really choose your choice of footwear carefully. The most popular colors of shoes to go with are blacks or browns. These colors give off a classic look and will be the finishing touches that your suit needs. Go with a nice leather material and make sure to keep them clean and shiny for that added professional look.