5 Ways to make a cheap suit look more expensive

How to look like rich without robbing a bank

5 Ways to make a cheap suit look more expensive

At some point in every man's life, there will come the time required for them to own a suit. Whether it be for work, a wedding, a party or for everyday use, you can be assured that you will always look the part when wearing a suit. A lot of men can be put off the thought of buying a suit due to its price, but a suit doses’t need to cost an arm and a leg to buy. Follow these simple tricks to make your cheap suit look like a million bucks.

Getting your suit tailored

A suit of the rack most of the time will fit you just fine, but if you really want to give off a professional and sophisticated look then you should consider getting it tailored. A simple alteration, such as taking in the sleeves can make a huge impact on your suit. You want your sleeves to be narrowed and tapered so that it hugs your arms and does not hang off your arm looking sloppy.
While at the tailor, why not tell him/her to slim down the trouser legs and add on a 1.5inch cuff while they are altering your sleeves. This is a look more associated with expensive suits, so will easily make your suit look hi8gher quality and worth more money.

Replace suit buttons

One part of a suit that draws a lot of attention is the buttons. Most cheap suits tend to come with weak, plastic buttons that do not look nice and get easily broken. Simply get a tailor to replace the buttons with a better quality of button or simply do It yourself at home.

Think about the shoes

Your suit could look incredible but be ruined by your choice of footwear. Shoes are very important and should be the finishing touch to your suit. Invest in s good, sturdy pair of dress shoes that you can wear multiple times with your suit.

Fabric colors

When choosing your fabric color, stick to darker tones such as black or charcoal grey. The colors give off a more formal look. If this is the look you are going for, then match your suit with a crisp white shirt and block-colored ties. If you want a more casual look, then play around with some colored ties and shirts.