How to bag a cheap suit

How to look like rich without robbing a bank

How to bag a cheap suit

Whether your only planning on wearing your suit once and don’t want to pay big bucks or you plan on wearing it daily, a suit does not need to be expensive. There are certain things you need to think about when buying a cheap suit. There are many quality cheap suits available on the market so check out these simple tips on how to buy a cheap suit.

Suit measurements are everything

Getting your correct measurements is so important, even a cheap suit needs to fit you correctly. Measure yourself at home or just to be sure, go to a store and get a professional to measure your chest, leg and waist length. If you’re not 100% on your size, then buy a suit a size bigger and get it altered by a tailer afterward's.

Suit alterations are a must

Once you have bought your cheap suit, alterations to fit the suit to your body are a must. The sleeves, jacket sides, and trouser legs will most likely need altering, this is an easy fix and shouldn't’t cost too much money.

Natural or Synthetic?

The most common type of suit fabric is wool, but this can be very pricey. Cheaper suits tend to be made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lycra or spandex. Synthetic suits are cheaper, but they are hotter to wear during the summer months and less insulating during the winter.
You can also buy a fabric that’s synthetic with a natural fiber blend such as cotton and linen. Natural fiber-made suits are more breathable and are more comfortable to wear.

What’s the occasion?

If you want to wear a cheaper suit daily for work then try and stick to your darker, neutral tones such as black, grey, brown and navy. Also, go with block colors or simple patterns such as checks or fine pinstripes. Just because your suit is cheap, doesn’t mean it cannot look professional and suave.
If you're looking for a casual everyday suit to wear on the weekend or to parties then why not try bright, bold colors or exciting patterns such as windowpane checks and geo prints. As your suit is cheap, you don’t have to stick to only one color, why not own multiple colors and mix it up on the daily.