3 High Waisted Jeans you Should be Buying


3 High Waisted Jeans you Should be Buying

Who remembers the embarrassing phase of the very low waisted jeans? We remember the time very clearly because we too, were the victims of low waisted jeans. Now we cannot thank the fashion industry and the people who love high waisted jeans, enough for bringing back the very much needed high waisted jeans!


For some reason, people even call these high waisted jeans as mom jeans. People then even came up with multiple assumptions to explain the situation when they didn’t know why they were actually called mom jeans. Some people even decided to assume that these jeans make you look like a mom or gives you a mom physique. Trust us, it is not like that at all.


Just like the ones who don’t know and are curious, we were curious too and found out that it was basically a fake jeans brand called the mom jeans in a skit. Its purpose was to give your mother a mom jeans on mother’s day instead of a mainstream perfume. So, now you have one thing clear, let’s explore what sorts of high waisted jeans there are!

High waisted cropped jeans


We have decided to talk about the cropped high waisted jeans first because it deserves this attention! After all, when you wear a pair of cropped high waisted jeans, they make you look very attractive and that’s exactly why we need to talk about them more and more.


High waisted ankle jeans


Ankle jeans are basically the jeans with longer bottom hems which are then folded to make the ankles visible. The ankles are visible and that is what makes them the ankle jeans. You should never make the mistake of turning a low waisted jeans into an ankle jeans, that is just not going to look right, at all.


High waisted bell bottom jeans


If you always wanted slim and long legs then you should just get a bell bottom jeans right now. It’s crazy how effectively a high waisted bell bottom jeans can make your legs look slimmer and longer. High waist already make you look taller but bell bottom adds more attractiveness. They used to be out of fashion but luckily, your timing is perfect because bell bottoms have come back! Mostly women hype over them but men, you all do not deserve to be missing out on bell bottoms!