Fashion Sense of our Favorite Series: Friends

7 style tips for every man part four

Fashion Sense of our Favorite Series: Friends

There were many fashion styles before 1994, but after 1994, pretty much everyone wanted to dress and look like one of the friends.  It’s true that each of the friends had their traits more prominent than their fashion sense. At some point, we all want to have a few traits each of the six had.



Ross’s sincerity, Monica’s love for cleaning, joey’s good heart, chandler’s power to cheer people up, rachel’s cuteness and phoebe’s beautiful mind; if we could be a combination of all six for a day, we’d be that for sure! But there is something we can take from them for our entire lives and that is their fashion style!


Rachel Karen Green - the fashion queen


We cannot thank Jennifer Aniston enough for blessing us by being on the show with her outrageous looks! She actually had to be the one with the most amazing fashion sense since that is what her character’s career was all about, but we still got to receive many fashion related inspirations from the rest of friends too!


Chandler Muriel Bing - could we be more inspired?


besides the ultimate perfection of the show, we will never understand one thing: how in the world was Chandler the one with having problems in getting the girl? We can only assume that there was probably something with the girls who ever rejected Chandler Bing!


Monica E Geller - the perfect hostess


Our perfectionist knew how to get everyone to stay around her. She also knew how to always look her best! Obviously, there was a reason why all the friends actually chose Monica to be the hostess every time.


Ross Geller - the one with the brains


We have all learned a LOT from Ross. From how to find the one to what to not wear. If there is someone out of the six who has taught us the most about which outfit could ruin your entire day, it just has to be Ross!


Phoebe Buffay - the perfect human


Phoebe Buffay has been the favorite of so many! There has always been something exceptionally bold about Phoebe. She has always gone for so many thing which we would hesitate to get into. Fashion is one of those things too and the best part is that she made anything she wore, look so good!


Joey Francis Tribbiani - the sweetheart


It has to be admitted that none of us wished to have a joey in our lives and that wish is still alive and breathing. We also wished to have a joey who would tip us on how to look as attractive as him.