The best suits any man should buy

How to buy your perfrct suit online

The best suits any man should buy

There are so many suits available in the shops for you to buy, so which one do you go with? What color? How many buttons? What type of fabric? These are all questions that you will find yourself asking. Follow our helpful tips below to make choosing the right suit for you a walk in the park.

The best classic suits

One of the most classic and stylish suits a man can own is a charcoal grey/ black suit, two buttoned suits. A darker colored suit will flatter your body type and is very versatile. It can be worn for almost any occasion and can be paired with both black or brown leather shoes and accessories such as belts and bags.
When picking your classic suit, choose a jacket with soft shoulders, side vents, flap pockets, and a slim fit cut. This will work well with most body types and provide you with the crisp, smart finish your after. The trousers should be non-cuffed and flat- fronted for a clean look, and the perfect type of fabric would be wool. Wool is comfortable and breathable but also gives off a professional and timeless look.

Lightweight summer suit

The best lightweight fabrics for summer are defiantly cotton and linen. You can buy a cotton-linen blend fabric suit from many places these days. These types of suits are perfect for summer as they are breathable and not as bulky or as thick as a woolen suit. Cotton suits are normally lighter shades of color which work perfectly for the summer months. This type of suit also looks great in brighter colors compared to your dark browns and grey.
This suit style is quite casual compared to a woolen suit, so if your looking for a smart business suit then this might not be the right suit for you. If you are looking for a suit to wear daily in warm climates or going for a more casual suit, then this is the perfect suit for you.

Best suits for formal events

If you're going to be attending a formal event such as a wedding or a formal party, then you will need to look your best! A tuxedo is a suit that little people these days own but is a must if you find yourself attending formal events often or just want to look your very best on a special day. You could rent a tuxedo, but it will not be tailored to your body and normally the reasoning behind wearing a tuxedo is to look smart and stylish. You won't be able to achieve this in a rented suit.
The perfect tuxedo should be made from wool, you can also get a wood/cashmere blend that feels incredible to touch. Go for a black single-breasted, two buttoned tuxedos to look sleek and sophisticated. A bow tie is normally worn with this type of suit and it should be black, you can match some accessories but try to avoid anything colored. Silver, black or white accessories give the perfect finish to your tuxedo.