Lounge suit guide part 2

Lounge suit guide

Lounge suit guide part 2

Tips for a lounge suit dress code, number 1:

You can either wear single-breasted or double-breasted, a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit. Unlike the dress code black tie, which is very formal and very distinct, the lounge suit dress code gives you a little more flexibility and room to mix up your outfit. For ladies, for example, a lounge suit means either a cocktail dress or some form of a gown.

Tips for a lounge suit dress code, number 2:

For color, you should go with either navy or charcoal, maybe dark gray can work. Stay clear of any bright and loud colors. Subtle patterns like a pinpoint are okay, maybe a very subtle non-contrasting houndstooth, maybe a faint stripe, but I would stay clear of wide rope stripes or big contrasting white stripes in a dark background because that is too loud for a lounge suit dress code.

Tips for a lounge suit dress code, number 3:

Stay clear of very casual suits, other materials such as tweed or bold patterns with a very casual structure and texture. The suit should always be worn with a necktie. It can be a regular classic necktie or if you want to, also a bow tie. Stay clear of ascots or an open neck since it is too formal of an occasion to go without proper neckwear.

Tips for a lounge suit dress code, number 4:

In terms of patterns, keep it classic and conservative, meaning go with maybe a blue tie, a red tie, or something in darker shades. Stay clear of the bright orange or yellow ties. For your shirt, a plain solid white or a plain solid light blue are your best options. Patterned shirts should be avoided, checked shirts or anything that is quite bold such as blue and white stripes.