3 Mistakes You Must Avoid if You are a Beginner in Men Style!

3 most common beginner men style mistakes

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid if You are a Beginner in Men Style!

Initially, everyone makes mistakes but that isn’t the end of the world. You are just on the road to learn more and succeed more in styling. Just be patient because I am about to tell you 3 common mistakes you should avoid leading towards the road of styling pro. Don’t rush, men, follow our guide.

1.    Black Jackets and Black Suits are not the Only Dressing You Can Adopt

Many people think that dressing in black is the best they can do, it is of no doubt that indeed black is the most prominent and finest of all colors, but that doesn’t mean you can wear it every time from a workplace to funerals. It has got some other brilliant shades and a wide range of use. You should try a dark navy or a dark charcoal suit, they assemble with a tinge of black and are more versatile. So, you won’t look so harsh or loud. Use them differently and combine them with many things and be a gentleman. Don’t make yourself very common wearing black.

2.    Save Your Money from Boxy Toe Shoes

Boxy toe shoes are another mistake you can make as they are low and cheap shoes. Save your money and invest in quality shoes. You can go for more stylish pairs as the black oxford shoes or some nice-looking loafers will add more compliments to your styling.

3.    Adding Many Accessories in Your Dressing as Possible

When you try to look more good and want to remain in style, the first thing you adopt is to add more patterns and colors in your styling and how to match them together. As time passes, you start using all of the patterned accessories and colors with your suit. it just looks too much, doesn’t it? People find a difficulty in making eye contact with you as you have so much on to distract them. Just for an idea, if you wear a loud accessory like a green tie pairing up with a plain solid shirt and a fin basic brown jacket with a simple pocket square, you will absolutely look perfect, not above or below, just so complete.

I hope, you will never again make the same mistakes.