The business attire dress code guide part 2

The business attire dress code guide

The business attire dress code guide part 2

The business attire dress code also called business formal or boardroom attire is the most formal thing you can wear in a professional office environment. This dress code requires you to wear a dark business suit, either a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit with a waistcoat. The shirt should be white or light blue or maybe a pastel color, it can be stripped with a very small pattern, but overall, solids are preferable. You should go with a conservative necktie either a dark red or dark blue and it can have solid or a small pattern or stripes. You could either go with suspenders with a fishtail back or you can have a belt that matches the color of the shoes or you can just go without any of those two things and just have side adjusters on your trousers. It also means you have over the calf dress socks that do not expose your legs in the office and optionally, you can have a pocket square that has hand rolled edges.

Good colors for a business attire dress code suit:

In terms of colors, that can be anything from navy to dark blue, charcoal, dark gray, medium gray, or light gray. The most classic form are just solid suits in one color, however, you can also have smaller micro patterns such as needle head or pinpoint. If you want to go a little fancier, you can have a faint pinstripe or a chalk stripe, you can even go with a Prince of Wales check on a smaller scale and nothing with bold colored over plaids in pink. Another option would be a faint windowpane but again, less is more and it is a conservative business suit so when in doubt, always scale it down a notch.