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    When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them

    Go Bold and Wild with Crazy Color Socks, But How?

    Don’t confuse yourself with bold and novelty socks as both have a different concept. Bold socks are worn to bring more attention to your outfit and they do not seem messy. On the other side, novelty socks bring newness in your dressing and look funnier which means they are not used to maintain the class of your dress. Traditionally, socks are of solid colors and small patterns on them. While bold color socks are brighter in colors and contain large patterns.

    Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with some excellent tips to wear socks like a pro.

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  • 7 Brands that Make Cool and Affordable Tees for Men

    7 Brands that Make Cool and Affordable Tees for Men

    Seeing your best friend wearing $200 Armani tee, you might’ve thought I wish I could do the same.

    But not all of us are capable of buying such an expensive clothing.

    Instead, we’ll have to look for brands that can offer us cool tees but at a less price.

    Well, if that’s the case, someone had to do the research work which I did and brought you a list of:

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  • How To Style & Combine an Overcoat

    Mold, an emblem of language

    Every one of us is exceptional. Also, one of the instruments to feature this uniqueness is mold and style. Both men and women endeavor to look appealing by wearing certain garments and embellishments. Since men today esteem self-articulation and the flexibility to make their own particular characters as opposed to fit into a shape. Tenets of mold are few, however quality and fit and incentive for esteem remains the waiting guideline. Design has existed for a long time. Yet, its significance has changed throughout the years.

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  • In this Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 photo, State Rep. William Tong, D-Stamford, right, talks with State Rep. Patricia Dillon, D-New Haven, left, at the State Capitol in Hartford, Conn. Tong is the only Asian-American running for the U.S. Senate this election season from the continental U.S. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

    Chinese Collar Shirt Guide: How to Look Stylish

    These days you can see many guys wearing shirts with missing collars. While you might think that these gentlemen are misguided — that’s not the case.

    The new trend of style is called Chinese Collar Shirt.

    Now, these collarless shirts look intriguing. Yet they’re very difficult to style.

    But don’t worry we’re here to help you with this:

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  • Lounge suit guide

    Hues Assume a Crucial Part to Influence You to Look Versatile

    Man has dependably been in vogue. The antiquated relics demonstrate people wearing distinctive hairdos, garments and ornaments. Yet, the rage for styles is something current to man. In this manner, each one should endeavor to have some leisure and make its best utilization by taking to some great outfits and some great hues that are as per the occasion and ones identity.

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  • Lounge suit guide
    Your first suit is very important, it can be worn for many different occasions. It can make you look professional and suave and give you that classic look you’ve been dreaming of. There are a few different things you need to think about, so remember these tips and your first suit will hopefully be your best suit.

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  • Outfits you can Match with your Kids

    T-shirt guide part 4

    What to wear instead of a t-shirt, idea number 3: Popover shirt

    If you want to look a little bit different, go with a Popover shirt. This shirt is a dress shirt that has a fly that goes only to the middle so you have to pop it over your head just like you would with a t-shirt. It is a little more casual than a dress shirt so you should go with a summery fabric that is breezy or can add some linen to the mix because it has a more summery casual character that is just in line with summer. Usually, those shirts come long-sleeved but you can roll them up.

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  • How to look like rich without robbing a bank

    Purchasing your first suit

    Buying your first suit can be quite a worrying task, with so many different styles, colors and materials available what do you go with? No matter what the occasion, there is a perfect suit out there waiting for you to wear it. Whether your suit is for a formal occasion, business meeting, first date or graduation you know you’ll always be ready to rise to the occasion in your first suit.

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  • Outfits you can Match with your Kids

                T-shirt guide part 3

    When you should not wear a t-shirt:

    This piece of clothing shows every imperfection on your body.  Humans are programmed to find symmetrical faces and things to be more attractive and so a t-shirt makes me look less attractive just because my body is not symmetrical and neither is yours. A t-shirt is also not flattering if you have thin arms because the contrast highlights your thin and skinny arms. At the same time, if you have a little bit of a belly, maybe some love handles maybe man boobs, a t-shirt will always accentuate all those flaws and of course, you do not want that. A t-shirt makes you always look worse than you are because it has very thin fabric and it dramatizes your bodily imperfections. If you are in great shape, if you have that desirable v- shape, if you have big guns, go ahead and wear well for the t-shirt, it will flatter your look but at the same time, it is not proper for formal situations or if you go out an evening.

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  • How to buy your perfrct suit online

    Pros and Cons of Wearing Suits

    The people who say that suits are not comfortable enough to wear all the time, are simply the ones who don’t get their suits tailored for the right fitting. If your suit doesn’t fit you right, don’t blame the suits on being uncomfortable; you’re the fish that threw itself out of the water, the water didn’t throw you out.

    But guess what? The water is still there. Here are the pros of wearing suits. If you’re here for the cons, we’ll get to that later.

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